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Startup Weekend Žilina | Oct 13- 15, 2023

IT Centrum Scheidt & Bachmann

About Startup Weekend Žilina

What is Startup Weekend ?

An (intense) 54-hour hackathon where you get the space to bring your idea to life. The idea doesn’t have to be technical. If you don’t have an idea, that’s okay, you can be part of a team with an idea you decide to support. You can help as a programmer, designer, marketer, business specialist, ideamaker, domain expert or expert in a particular branch of idustry. There is a lot of work when you are trying to turn a vision into reality, so all the experience and enthusiasm of each team member is useful.

Event format

The goal is to have as much space to work as possible: On Friday the participants will meet, present their ideas, form teams, attend a lean canvas workshop and get to work. On Saturday, teams receive feedback from mentors and a workshop on how to prepare a presentation for investors. In addition, they work on the business plan, validation and prototype if relevant. The weekend is rounded off on Sunday with final presentations and evaluation by the judges. The whole weekend is facilitated to make it run smoothly and efficiently for the participants.

Why to come there ?

The point of the event is to connect as many individuals as possible, either participants with each other or participants with mentors and judges. Such connections, together with the context of a goal, limited time and intensive work, promote lateral thinking as a complement to logical thinking. The result is out-of-the-box thinking and breakdown of the assumed boundaries of what is perceived as possible.

Why it will be interesting ?

Participants have the unique opportunity to put together teams and concentrate on working on ideas throughout the weekend. The space and technical support is taken care of by the organizers and partners. In addition, participants will meet mentors, experienced specialists who will provide them with valuable feedback and can help them in networking and development of further business.

3 days

12+ Mentors

Event Schedule






Refreshment and networking




Presentation of the ideas


Rating of the ideas


Forming of the teams


Lean Canvas Workshop


Start of the work


Start of the work






Work on the project




Workshop How to present to the investors


Mentoring/Work on the project




Work on the project






Work on the project




Work on the project/Set up of the presentation


Presentation of the ideas


Decision of assessing panel and hadover of the prices 



Basic ticket



Office supplies


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Office supplies


Main Partners

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Event location

IT Centrum Scheidt & Bachmann, Priemyselná 14, 010 01 Žilina

Nearby accommodations

1.9 KM from event vanue

Hotel Slovakia

Antona Bernoláka 3231/2A, 010 01 Žilina

1.6 KM from event vanue

Hotel Grand Žilina

Na priekope 127, 010 01 Žilina

2.1 KM from event vanue

Hliny Dormitories

Hliny Dormitories, Street, Hlinská, 010 01 Žilina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event only for technical ideas?

You can come with any idea. We've had a lot of non-technical projects. Eco-cleaners, fashion recycling, bakery, workbench design, and often these projects have been successful since they've been different.

I don't have any ideas, should I come?

Absolutely. An idea is one thing, execution is another. If you feel like working hard and learning a lot of new things definitely come. You will find an idea you like the most and you will join it. Maybe you will become a co-founder of another successful business .

Is it appropriate to come to an event when I don't have my own team?

Absolutely. If you can get people excited about your idea, Startup Weekend is the right place to get a team. If you don't have an idea, you can join the idea that appeals to you the most or where you find your greatest use. Besides that, you'll meet lots of great people.

Is the event in English? Do I have to present in English?

The main parts of the event are mostly in Slovak, with the necessary parts translated for foreign participants. You can present in a language you feel comfortable in and that the jury understands .

I have a project that is already somewhat finished. Can I participate?

Absolutely yes. You can make another great progress, find people for the team, get feedback from mentors and gain the new contacts. The judges will evaluate the progress made over the weekend and the starting status is taken into account in order to keep the competition fair.

Is there a deadline for registration? I haven't decided yet / I don't know if I can come in time.

The event is limited only by capacity. I.e. if there are free tickets, you can register on the spot. We recommend buying tickets in advance, for the capacity reasons - also for your planning.

Is accommodation provided as part of the event?

Accommodation is not included in the event. For accommodation, it is possible to use, for example, the university dormitories of the Great Diel. If you are interested, please contact us, we will put you in touch.

Is the event open to the general public?

The parts opened to the public are on Fridays approx. 5pm onwards, when registration, introduction to the event format, challenge presentations and team building takes place. Opened to the general public are also the final presentations and jury evaluations on Sunday from 3pm. Due to limited capacity for teams and mentor capacity, attendance for the entire event is opened only to registered participants who wish to actively participate in the event. In the case that capacity is reached, registration will be stopped.

What is included in the ticket price?
  • space and a place to work for the entire weekend
  •  food for the whole weekend(2x dinner, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch)
  • mentoring
  • t-shirt
  • office supplies
  • coffee, tea and energy drinks
  • good mood
What are the prizes for the winners?

Winning teams can look forward to support within the Inovia programs, a free economic system for a year from KROS company from Žilina, coaching lessons from ZaKo company, consultations from Touch4IT, FintechHub and many interesting prizes from WebSupport, Google, ZAIT and other partners.