Startup Weekend #11

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You can come up with any idea. We had many non-technical projects. Eco, fashion recycling, bakery, design of a work table and often these projects were successful because they were different.

Definitely. An idea is one thing, execution is another. If you want to learn a lot of new things, please come. You can find an idea that you like the most and join it. Maybe you will become a co-founder of another successful business... : )

Absolutely. If you manage to excite people for your idea, Startup Weekend is just the place where you can get a team. If you don't have an idea, you can join the idea that  appeals to you the most or where you can find greatest use for yoursef. In addition, you will get to know a lot of awesome people.

The event is limited only by capacity. I.e. if tickets are available, you can also register on the spot. We recommend buying tickets in advance, precisely because of capacity limits - also because of the time management.

Accommodation is not part of the event. For accommodation, it is possible to use e.g. university dormitories Veľky Diel. If you are interested -> please contact us.

The parts accessible to the public are on Friday approx. from 5PM., when registration, introduction to the event format, presentation of ideas and team formation take place. Also, the final presentations and evaluation of the jury are accessible to the general public on Sunday from 3PM. Due to the limited capacity for teams and the capacity of mentors, participation in the entire event is only available to registered participants who want to actively participate in the event. Registration will be suspended in case of capacity strain.

the ticket price includes:
- Space and place to work for the whole weekend
- Food for the whole weekend (2x dinner, 2x breakfast, 2x lunch)
- Professional mentoring
- T-shirt
- Office supplies
- Coffee, tea and energy drinks
- Good mood (Capacity is limited. Please also try to bring your own good mood. Otherwise we'll have to tell you jokes and that's exhausting.)
- More or less useful advertising items

Something nice! But ask yourself... Are you really going to the SWZA for some ordinary stuff you can buy on the internet? Nah... You're comming for the better stuff. Contacts, good time, new friendships! See Ya in October!

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